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Parking in Downtown Traverse City

Parking in Downtown Traverse City has never been easier! Check out our latest segment of ExploreTC in which we visit our beautiful downtown area. With way-finding signs, several parking structures, and even metered spots payable by your smartphone, you’ll find it very easy to park downtown.

Traverse City is a jewel alive with a rhythm all its own. You’ll quickly see why Traverse City was named one of the top 10 small towns in America when you Explore TC.

Downtown Traverse City Parking from ExploreTC on Vimeo.

Traverse City Wine Tasting Tips

Brandy from Traverse Traveler shares some Traverse City wine tasting tips with us in our newest edition of ExploreTC! The Traverse City area is packed with amazing wineries, so plan your trip ahead of time and check out these great tips…

Download the Traverse Traveler app by visiting

Traverse City ExploreTC Wine Tasting Ideas from ExploreTC on Vimeo.

Hot Off The Press: Traverse City Farm Markets

In Traverse City, you are the in the midst of an agricultural wonderland where countless farm markets dot the roadsides. We visit three amazing Traverse City farm markets in our newest segment of ExploreTC.

For more information on these locations, visit the websites of King Orchards Farm Market, Hoxsie’s Farm Market, and Gallagher’s Farm Market.


ExploreTC Farmers Markets around Traverse City from ExploreTC on Vimeo.

Swashbuckling Family Fun at Pirate’s Cove Adventure Park

On this edition of ExploreTC, we visit one of the most iconic places in Traverse City — Pirate’s Cove Adventure Park! There’s more to do than just miniature golf, check out all of the fun you and your family can experience while you explore Traverse City…


ExploreTC Pirate’s Cove, Traverse City from ExploreTC on Vimeo.

Get Outdoors While You Explore Traverse City

On this edition of ExploreTC, we visit some exciting places to get out and enjoy the outdoors! If you love the outdoors, we recommend you check out Ranch Rudolf and the Twisted Trails OffRoad Park. From kayaking to horseback riding and offroading, there is so much to do while you explore Traverse City!


Traverse City Museum Tour

On this edition of ExploreTC, we’ll visit three of the Traverse City area’s museums – all of them different and all of them really worth exploring!

For more information on these awesome local museums, please visit The Dennos Museum, The Music House Museum, and The Great Lakes Children’s Museum.


ExploreTC – Museum Tour, Traverse City from ExploreTC on Vimeo.

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